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Document-Art Gallery

Founded in 2011
Directed by Mauro Alvarez

Since 2011, Document-Art Gallery has sought to manage conceptual art from the 60´s and
70´s from Latin America, researching and showcasing artists who have remained relatively unknown for the big audience, yet boost prominent international experience.
Contemporary artist from selected curators advice are also exhibited with experimental projects, leading to cared exhibitions and participation in the most important international art fairs, to proudly obtain some prestige in such a small lapse.

2016 – Sur Imaginario – Leopoldo Estol
Algunas Definiciones – Enrique Ježik
2015 – Principio de la gotera – Luz María Bedoya
Amplificar – Proyecto conjunto: José Luis Landet, Mauro Giaconi y Omar Barquet
OVNI Archive – Rossel Meseguer

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