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Galería Isabel Aninat

Founded in 1982 in Santiago, Chile
Director: Isabel Aninat Ureta

The Isabel Aninat Gallery disposes of three exhibition spaces – Rooms 1 and 2, the Projects Room, and an exterior area which works to advance artistic production, encourage experimentation and to offer a flexible space for artists. The Isabel Aninat Gallery seeks to extend boundaries via ties with important international galleries, curators, institutions and collectors. As such, the Gallery participates in International Art Fairs exhibiting and promoting the work of the artists it represents.

Mónica Bengoa, C.A.D.A. , Colectivo A & S , Iván Contreras Brunet, Paula de Solminihac , María Ignacia Edwards , Voluspa Jarpa , Catalina Mena, Cecilia Paredes, Francisco Peró,  Lotty Rosenfeld, Pedro Tyler , Manuela Viera Gallo. Isabel Aninat, a Philosophy and Aesthetics graduate, was a university professor. In 1982, with the intention of “widening the circle”, she founded the Isabel Aninat Gallery, an exhibition space for debate and reflection in Santiago, Chile. The gallery aims to diffuse, commercialize and project contemporary Chilean and Latin American art, maintaining a special focus on the consolidation of a group of Chilean artists, both locally and internationally.

Next Exhibitions
2015 – Solo Dou Project – Lotty Rosenfeld y Catalina Swinbun – ARCO Madrid Pabello 7  Stand F09 – Madrid  España
2015 – Solo Show – Cecilia Paredes – Sala 1. Galería Isabel Aninat  – Santiago-Chile
2015 – Exercices de Style / Ejercicios de Estilo – Monica Bengoa – Sala 1 Galería Isabel Aninat –  Santiago-Chile 2015 – Solo Show – Borja Huidobro  – Sala 1. Galería Isabel Aninat -Santiago-Chile
2015 – Proyecto Amazona – Huanchaco  – Sala 1. Galería Isabel Aninat –  Santiago-Chile
2015 – Solo Show – Valentina Valladares  – Sala 2, Galería Isabel Aninat – Santiago-Chile
2015 – Solo Show – María Ignacia Edwards  – Sala 2, Galería Isabel Aninat –  Santiago-Chile

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