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Leme Gallery

Founded in 2004
Directed by Eduardo Leme

Ever since its opening in November 2004, Galeria Leme has carried out an innovative program in Brazilian art scene, actively representing both local and international artists, often invited to conceive and produce new and ambitious projects in the concrete building of the gallery, specifically designed by Pritzker Prize winner Paulo Mendes da Rocha.

By regularly showing the work of international artists, often offering them their first solo presentation in Latin America, the gallery seeks to promote diversity in art, as well as an intense cultural exchange. These artists work in a variety of media: photography, painting, installation, sculpture, video, projection, and sitespecific work, among others.

The year 2012 marks a new beginning for the gallery, in a new, bigger building, again designed by Mendes da Rocha, now comprising two separated exhibition spaces, adding up to about 600 m2.


The project SITU, developed by Galeria Leme and curated by Bruno de Almeida, is a platform of production and artistic research that promotes a discussion about the potential of a dialogue between art, architecture and the city, inquiring what are its possible reverberations and contributions to a broader questioning of contemporary urbanity as a physical-social matrix.
This project invites a number of Latin American artists to, one after the other, take hold of the external spaces of Galeria Leme’s building, devising temporary and site-specific works, which relate both to the building and to the adjoining public space.



Alexandre Brandão – Ana Elisa Egreja – AVPD – Candida Höfer – Christian Vinck – David Batchelor – Felipe Cama – Frank Thiel – Gabriel Acevedo Velarde – Gustavo von Ha – Henry Krokatsis – Jaime Lauriano – Jessica Mein – João Angelini – José Carlos Martinat – Luciano Figueiredo – Luiz Braga – Marcia de Moraes – Mariana Mauricio – Mauro Piva – Milton Marques – Neil Hamon – Paulo Almeida – Paulo Climachauska – Richard Galpin – Sandra Gamarra – Sebastiaan Bremer – Vivian Caccuri – Zilvinas Kempinas

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