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Galeria Mascota

Founded in 2016, in Mexico City
Directed by Javier Estevez Hinojosa

Galeria Mascota is a new project space providing a platform with a focus on the work of emerging foreign artists. The space constitutes an important window into foreign work that is locally relevant and will help inform the practice and development of Mexico City’s artistic landscape. Mascota is seeking to enhance a fertile environment by complimenting it with perspectives and information that may not have been previously evident.

Del 7/16 al 9/16 – Postal Mascota – Tomer Aluf, Sadie Laska, Monique Mouton, Nikholis Plank
Del 9/16 al 11/16 – toke of proof krepty shep´ly – Dustin Hodges
Del 11/16 al 1/17 – A Sister History – Adam Milner
Del 2/17 al 3/17 – Ozone Flowers – Michael Assiff
Del 2/17 al 2/17 – Material Art Fair – Lizzi Bougatsos, Sadie Laska

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