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Galería Rolf Art

Founded in 2009 in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Director: Florencia Giordana Braun

Rolf Art, located in Buenos Aires and founded by Florencia Giordana Braun in 2009, focuses on contemporary Latin American visual arts. The gallery features works exploring photographic media and its boundaries. The selection of artists considers pieces with an inextricable union between critical density and aesthetic values, the relationship between formal strategies and conceptual depth is always in conflict. The curatorial profile of the gallery first and foremost challenges the political context and the representation of what is considered a political image within the boundaries of the photographic medium. It also considers the social and economical context of artistic production and understands it as a determining factor for art’s interpretation.

We are committed to a select group of contemporary established Latin American artists, promoting them on a national and international basis. We support their artistic production together with editorial and audiovisual projects.

The gallery’s mission is to promote the appreciation of contemporary art and to push the boundaries of visual arts.

Gabriel Valais – Graciela Sacco – Ananké Asseff – Marcelo Brodsky – Res – Livio Giordano – Vivian Galban – Lautaro Bianchi – Milagros de la Torre – Facundo de Zubiría – Adriana Lestido – Marcos López – Francisco Medail – Santiago Porter – Humberto Rivas – Silvia Rivas

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