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Habana Gallery

Founded in 1962 in Havana, Cuba
Director: Luis Miret Pérez.

The “Habana” Gallery, with a vast history in the promotion of Cuban art since its early days until the present, was founded in May 1962 with the purpose of spreading and promoting the work of Cuban artist in all the country. Since then, artists of the heigth of Wifredo Lam, Rene Portocarrero, Mariano Rodriguez and Amelia Pelaez, among others, consecrated this space and with their exhibitions accredited the high professional level of this institution. It currently represents a selection of those Cuban artists with the highest artistic acknowledgement at both national an international levels, from Manuel Mendive and Roberto Fabelo, to Carlos Garaicoa, Los Carpinteros and Roberto Diago.


2012 – Fonemas y Morfemas – Yoan Capote,  Iván Capote
2012 – CAOS – Colectiva
2012 – Herejes del vacio – Colectiva
2012 – Daiquiri sin azucar – Colectiva
2012 – El regreso de Jack el Castigador – Rocio Garcia
2012 – No somos animales – Roberto Fabelor
2012 – En construcción – Carlos Garaicoa

Represented Artists
Adonis Flores – Agustín Bejarano – Alain Pino – Carlos Garaicoa – Carlos Quintana – Esterio Segura – Felipe Dulzaides – Glenda León – Iván Capote – Los Carpinteros – Manuel Mendive – Marta María Pérez Bravo – Moisés Finalé – Raúl Cordero – René de Jesús Peña – Ricardo Brey – Rigoberto Mena – Roberto Diago – Roberto Fabelo – Yoan Capote.

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