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La Caja Galería

Founded in 2006 in Tijuana, Mexico.
Director: Arturo Rodríguez

Contemporary Art finds a place for expression in this city filled with contrasts. Through out La Caja Galería distinguished artists from Baja California are represented creating a link between the artist, it’s work and the curious person.

Our ideal: promote the artistic production of Tijuana opening horizons of diffusion in our country and abroad.

For 6 years we’ve had the opportunity to foment contemporary art in our city and we will continue to offer a unique place where a dialogue between artists, its work and the public is created.

Special Services
Valuation of Art, commercialization, advice on acquisition, specialized information, packaging and shipment of work

Represented artists
Franco Méndez Calvillo,  Enrique Ciapara, “Yescka”, Irma Sofía Poeter, Marco Miranda, Jaime Ruíz Otis, Ingrid Hernández, Luis Garzón Masabó, Alfredo Gutiérrez

24.06 / 26.09 / 2010 –  Ingrid Hernández Exhibition
11.02 / 15.04 / 2011 –  Caminantes – “Yescka”
18.04 / 21.07 / 2011 –  Arbórea – Franco Méndez Calvillo
26.08 / 13.11 / 2011 – Registros de Labor – Jaime Ruíz Otis
15.11.2011 /  15.02.2012 – Enrique Ciapara Exhibition

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