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Founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina

María Casado Home Gallery is an alternative art space located in a house in Beccar, Buenos Aires.

More than just an exhibition space, María Casado emerges as an alternative to the rigidity of other spaces dedicated to art, encouraging new ideas and discourses developed by emerging and established artists.

Artists shown in the gallery: Alberto Passolini, Alejandra Seeber, Alejandro Bonzo, Alfredo Londaibere, Alfredo Prior, Amadeo Azar, Amaya Bouquet, Aiel Cusnir, Arturo Mallman, Dolores Caceres, Benito Laren, Bruno Gruppalli, Eduardo Capilla, Elisa Insúa, Diego Bainchi, Duilio Pierri, Felipe Pino, Federico Lanzi, Fernanda Laguna, Florencia Böhtlingk, Geraldine Schwindt, Gustavo Marrone, Grillo Demo, Javier Barilaro, Jane Brodie, Juan E Odriozola, Juan Becu, Julia Isidrez, Karina Peisajovich, Lotty Inchauspe, Lux Linder, Marcolina Dipierro, Martín Dipaola, Max Gomez Canle, Marcia Schwartz, Mariela Scafati, Nahuel Vecino, Nicolás Vasen, Pablo Lozano, Remo Bianchedi, Richard Sturgeon, Santiago Garcia Saenz, Sofía Böhtlingk, Veronica Romano, Vicente Grondona.

*Visits by appointment

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