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Nora Fisch

Founded in 2010 in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Directed by Nora Fisch

Nora Fisch Gallery has established itself as one of the pivotal points in Buenos Aires’s vibrant contemporary arts scene, showcasing some of its most relevant artists. They work with a variety of mediums and approaches and engage in a wide range of explorations and concerns, within a framework that is smart and conceptually intriguing. The gallery aims at fostering the development of each artist’s work and career, it participates in prestigious international art fairs. Aside from exhibitions, it also presents video screenings, talks, performances and other ephemeral events.

Represented artists
Amadeo Azar – Marcelo Grosman – Ana Tiscornia – Claudia del Rio – Cynthia Kampelmacher – Fernanda Laguna – Gastón Pérsico – Guido Ignatti – Juan Becú – Julián Terán – Lux Lindner – Marisa Rubio – Nicolás Gullotta – Osías Yanov – Ramiro Oller – Rosa Chancho – Tiziana Pierri – Silvia Gurfein – Sofía Bohtlingk – Marcelo Galindo

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