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Founded in 2014 in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Directed by Santiago Gasquet and Rafael Beltrán

Piedras was born in 2014 as a testing space in exposure phase. During that year, each event planning began with the invitation to 15 emerging artists, who were able to use the place (a big white cube with a basement of the same size) to study alternative art assemblies, incipient works, experimental formats or essays done on non habitual mountings. During 2015 the project moved to a new space, at the 4th floor of an old building, designed by Architect Mario Palanti, located on Rivadavia Avenue at Balvanera neighbourhood. This new spatiality proffers a new dynamic: the space has 4 different rooms and each artist (4 per exhibition) works specifically and in relation to the context that the chosen room posits. Piedras works as a dialogue and exchange channel, working together with different initiatives from diverse latitudes by managing workshops, art shows, parties and residencies through PUENTE project. Visual artists, writers, musicians and djs drive understandings and misunderstandings, and it is the result of those what is always celebrated with a party. The time for openings is from 7pm until the time when there is no one left.

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