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Ruth Benzacar Galería de Arte

Founded in 1965 in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Directors : Orly Benzacar and Mora Bacal

Founded in Buenos Aires in 1965 by Ruth Benzacar, the gallery is currently directed by Orly Benzacar and Mora Bacal.

Since its inception, the gallery has been committed to contemporary art, paying special attention to the work produced by Argentinean artists.

The gallery’s annual program includes fourteen exhibitions by both established and emerging artists.

Ruth Benzacar Galería de Arte has also got a long trajectory in international art fairs, where the work by our artists is followed and recognized by curators from the most important worldwide public and private art institutions. Through the fairs, we also engage in dialogue with other internationally recognized galleries.

We believe in permanent evolution and in continuously promoting the encounter with a numerous and heterogeneous public. In sync with this committed spirit and with our tendency to taking up new challenges, we have held for ten consecutive years the contest Curriculum Cero with the hope of encouraging the youngest artists. This has become a prestigious prize in Argentina and one of the main opportunities to showcase new talent.

Throughout our history we have remained loyal to our aim of creating a space open to experimentation as well as to reflection that gives way to creative freedom and discovery through the most singular proposals.

Roberto Aizenberg, Ernesto Ballesteros, Eduardo Basualdo, Leo Chiachio & Daniel Giannone, Flavia Da Rin, Marina De Caro, Martín Di Girolamo, Leandro Erlich, Max Gómez Canle, Sebastián Gordin, Julio Grinblatt, Nicolás Guagnini, Miguel Harte, Carlos Herrera, Carlos Huffmann, Iuso, Daniel Joglar,Fabio Kacero, Luciana Lamothe, Valentina Liernur, Jazmín López, Jorge Macchi, David Maggioni, Fabián Marcaccio, Mondongo, Marie Orensanz, Liliana Porter, Pablo Reinoso, Miguel Ángel Ríos, Florencia Rodríguez Giles, Miguel Rothschild, Mariano Sardón,Martín Sastre, Pablo Siquier, Mariana Telleria, Adrián Villar Rojas, Román Vitali, Martín Weber

Exhibitions 2013
13.03 – 26.04 / 2013 – Carlos Herrera
New Space: Humberto Velez

08.05 – 14.06 / 2013 – Miguel Harte
New Space: Mondongo

26.06 – 02.08 / 2013 – Mateo López
New Space: Jazmín López (feature film)

14.08 – 20.09 / 2013 – Mariana Tellería
New Space: Jazmín López (paintings)

02.10 – 09.11 / 2013 – Nicolás Robbio
New Space: Carlos Garaicoa

20.11 – 27.12 / 2013  – Daniel Joglar
New Space: Martín Sastre

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