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Sala Mendoza

Founded in 1956 in Caracas, Venezuela

Sala Mendoza is a non-profit foundation dedicated to promote the artistic practices of contemporary culture, in favor of the aesthetic and socio-cultural sensitivity of Venezuela. Founded in 1956, as a cultural institution it has maintained a consistent commitment to creative activity, generating spaces for the exchange, development and diffusion of art in our country.

As an alternative and independent space, Sala Mendoza has represented, from its beginnings, a platform for the consolidation of artists and creators, mostly young people, thanks to an amplitude criterion that has allowed it to be one of the most solid references of the Current Venezuelan.

With this vision, Sala Mendoza reconciles its profile as a non-profit foundation with a commercial dynamic of self-management. This double condition allows it to operate from three fundamental programs or areas of action: a wide and diverse expository activity, a Documentary Center and a Bookstore.

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