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SOA Arte Contemporáneo

Founded in 2010 in Montevideo, Uruguay
Directors: Vivian Honigsberg

SOA Arte Contemporáneo is an independent art space whose purpose is to support the development, dissemination and marketing of contemporary plastic manifestations. We want to promote dialogue between the public and the artists to contribute to a better understanding and acceptance of these new languages. Visualize and contextualize Uruguayan national art on international levels to encourage the purchase and collecting of contemporary art to help preserving the cultural heritage of our country. We offer a relaxed atmosphere, a place to enjoy the pleasure of looking, reflect and enjoy. Besides the permanent exhibition of the works that the gallery has, SOA presents a series of temporary exhibitions with artists and also talks exclusively about Uruguayan national art.

Manuel Rodriguez, Dani Umpi, Diego Masi, Ana Campanella, Carlos Capelán, Jacqueline Lacasa

2013 – Séptimoamarte -Marina Leme Riqué
2013 – La condición de lo humano – Elian Storlarsky – Alvaro Zunini
2013 – The plot – Javier Bassi
2012 – Trazos 1 – Carlos Capelán
2012 – Feria Ch.ACO, Santiago de Chile
2012 – Ikebanas del Plata – Jacqueline Lacasa
2012 – Pinturas recientes – Fernando Lopez Lage
2012 – Estuario Seida Lans – Francisco Tomsich
2011 – La Evolución del ser – Dani Umpi
2011 – Autocuración – Gustavo Fernandez
2011 – Convivencias Diego Masi – Ana Campanella
2011 – Todo el tiempo del mundo – Manuel Rodriguez
2010 – Tras/Pasos – Diego Donner
2010 – Puntos de vista – Felipe Secco
2010 – Paisaje de lana – Cecilia Mattos
2010-  Oda a una mente solitaria – Yudi Yudoyoko

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