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Virgen de los deseos – Mujeres Creando

House founded by Mujeres Creando, La Paz, Bolivia

La Virgen de los Deseos is not strictly speaking an art gallery. It is a space of artistic and political dissidence of first importance in Bolivia and in the international cartography of activist feminism. It’s an hybrid space with a canteen, a bookshop, an educational area, etc. Since 2007, Radio Deseo operates on 103.3 FM.

“A feminist space in the city of La Paz, an unprecedented space of autonomous feminism that could be explained in this way:
If we were in the nineteenth century the virgin of desires would be a Quilombo, a place of escaped slaves who come together to organize in freedom. If we were in the sixteenth century, it would rather be a convent.
The “Virgen de los Deseos” is a way of collecting a strategy that women have had throughout history, a strategy that has gone through the escape of seclusion and the construction of a concrete space for us.
Text by María Galindo.

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