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Al mal tiempo buena cara

Product/81 gallery, Miami
Opens the 6 December, 2012

The possibility of joining Pedro Varela and Maria Isabel Rueda for a few days to work and talk about art could only logically render a large project. A productive meeting of crossings. Pedro and Maria Isabel comment in their works, the urban imaginary from opposing points of view, but share the same desire to achieve an invented place.

The coexistence and joint work between two artists, until then unknown to each other, part of a program of meetings that I have been proposing to start breeding between worlds. Space between starts for virtual meetings and together we outlining possibilities for actions and productions face. The extension of this dialogue beyond the interstices of the project, that is , time, place and poetic, further strengthens the present moment.

…Despite the existence of a rapprochement between the poetic representations that  have started by the interest in the urban space, the conversation between the artists is headed to a hypothetical space / time tropical, where the typical explosion of color collages of Varela alters the monochromatic painting in Rueda. A meeting in the cracks of languages. A dialogue of the interval.

Beatriz Lemos
Curator of the collaboration in Rio

Practical Info
Product/81 gallery at 2311 North West 2nd Avenue
Wynwood, Miami, Fla 33127

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