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Alejandro Pintado – The Clearest Skies

24.09/2015 – 30.10/2015

Post Box Gallery, London

The Clearest Skies takes its inspiration from actual places where light can be seen in its deepest meaning, these are places where the most powerful observatories exist, from the Atacama desert in Chile to the Warrumbungle Mountains in Australia. This series of works explores the notion of light as a source for understanding the immediate present as well as the distant past.

In Light Contemplation we see a monochrome landscape with a set of mountains, these are the surroundings of the Tenby Observatory in Australia, parallel to this charcoal landscape we find different groups of colour circles that seem to fly around, for Pintado these circles represent light particles.

Pintado makes a journey through time weaving concepts and meanings by combining techniques and mediums. This is seen in the use of charcoal on linen, associated with a nostalgic past and the history of art, up to laser cut mirrors made with today´s high end technology.

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