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Andres Ramirez – To keep the darkness sealed within

Galerie See studio, Paris

To keep the darkness sealed within  is the first solo show of Andrés Ramirez at See studio Gallery. Based on the analyses and the re-appropriation of industrial production and visual communication paradigms, his installation work assumes arbitrary poetics, a “harsh-noise” form of spectral romanticism, which appears to be almost psychotropic.

The convergence of the efficiency demand, of the modularity, and of the industrial production’s profitability defines the forms in an extremely determined manner. When using it in his work, Andrés Ramirez distorts this formal specificity. Hence, he endeavors to define the level of uncertainty: the form reveals its intentionality, but is maintained at distance from its functional subordination. Left to their aesthetic potentialities and rearranged within the doors of this independent poetic order, the forms deliver their messages and programmed contents only in a discontinued, abstract and offensive manner.

The frame of the painting is therefore reviewed though the symbolic expansion, which is attached to the contemporary methods. Framing, unframing, deframing the gallery’s space, likewise the pieces themselves. The artist creates a metallic structure, deployed along the picture rails: the suspended dismantled frames define new perspectives, but also new relations between the content and the figure, the bi-dimensional surface and the real sculpture. The sculptural assembly, the digital printing on plexiglas, the plaster objects occupy the frames only partially; they are anchored in the intervals, allowing the gaps to appear.

Transforming our perception of the venue through the definition of a theoretical and concrete frame, “To keep the darkness sealed within” targets the structural and conceptual elements of the pictorial medium in order to bring them at scale of the gallery’s space, producing a dysfunctional double of its architecture. The show is an overall installation, which invests the entirety of the venue; it is a structure in dialogue with the images and the volumes.

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