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Angelica Detanico/Rafael Lain – Comme des gouttes de pluie sur la lune

06.09 – 25.10 / 2014
Galerie Martine Aboucaya, Paris

Comme des gouttes de pluie sur la lune (As raindrops on the moon), is the new and sixth personal exhibition of Angela Detanico and Rafael Lain at Martine Aboucaya Gallery.

Fascinated by what lies beyond man and understanding the world around him, and Rafael Lain and Angela Detanico take a scientic research, mathematical and literary representation systems and writing time, space and infinity. Inherited the conceptual statement and anchored in the use of new means of sound, graphic and plastic creation, their approach is expressed in a rigorous and streamlined highly poetic formalism. All the work of the exhibition is inspired by the lunar cycles and knowledge related to the phases of the earth satellite. By a set of animations, text and objects, sculptural works, the artists offer a universe of pure forms, where cosmic phenomena are lyrically transcribed human scale. Through the creation of codes, an image is implemented alphabet. Thus, a delicate game of correspondences between form and content is shown by this work to the intangible quality.

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