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Becoming Aerosolar

24.06 – 30.08 / 2015
21er Haus, Vienna

Tomás Saraceno’s first solo exhibition in Austria at the 21er Haus presents a significant artistic perspective at the juncture between art and science. Saraceno’s art focuses on considering alternative life models that propose a more sustainable treatment of the environment. In fact, many of his recent projects and designs revolve around the much-discussed concept of the “Anthropocene.” Introduced in recent years, this term is used to describe the current geological epoch in which our earth finds itself, defining the human being as the most important factor influencing the planet’s biological, geological and atmospheric processes. Much of Saraceno’s art endeavors to make visible these influences, often using highly unorthodox methods. His exploration of the challenges facing our planet is reflected in Becoming Aerosolar. Through a series of sculptures, objects, and installations, the show presents the results of a long-term research project conducted through interdisciplinary collaboration with institutions and individuals throughout the world. Furthermore, the public is invited to participate in the construction of aerosolare sculptures during the course of the exhibition.

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