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Caio Reisewitz – Tudo perto nesse mundo longe

17 November – 22 December, 2012
Bendana-Pinel Gallery, Paris

So Close in a Distant World

The concept of time and distance merge in the global world we live in. Places that are far away on a map, can suddenly  feel nearby.

Technology transports us instantly anywhere on the planet. The far, thanks to modern ways of travel, can become near  if you really want to be there. Means of communication across the globe has become – literally – free.

Even past and present are suddenly close.  This contemporary truth causes an illusion.  Photography has always encompassed this dichotomy between a certain truth and a perceived reality, something I  explore often in my work. Since the turn of the 19th century images have been manipulated, while at the same  representing the proof of something real.

Factually, distances exist. But if one really wants, closeness can be achieved in this vast wide world.

Caio Reisewitz (Brésil, 1967) live and work at São Paulo.  Escola de Comunicação e Artes, Universidade de São Paulo.

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