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Camila Sposati: Green-Dyed Vulture

October 14 – november 18, 2012
Highland Institute for Contemporary Art, Scotland

Green-Dyed Vulture, an exhibition by the Brazilian artist Camila Sposati, Will open at the Highland Institute for Contemporary Art on Sunday 14 October, 2-5pm

The exhibition’s title is a quote from the brazilian poet Mário Quintana, describing our human desire to repress or embelish an unwanted truth: a vulture dressed in the colour of hope, is still a vulture. Sposati shares the poet’s sentiment, seeing the best possible world as one that contains the possibility of another, inmanent within it. This sense reflects the artist’s view of her own working methods and on the works in the exhibitions: she explores processes of transformation, aiming to ‘allow something invisible to become evident’

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Loch Ruthven
Scotland, UK

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