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Carlos Jiménez Cahua – Neoplasms & Pleonasms

03.01 – 28.02 / 2014
Samsøn, Boston

Samsøn is proud to present Neoplasms & Pleonasms, a 1st solo exhibition by Carlos Jiménez Cahua .

“I think one’s reality is the result of your intention and your attention: it’s a pretty spiritual practice that I’ve recognized my own impermanence, my own irrelevance: the fact that, I’m just a person shuffling through life. I ain’t really no different now than when I was a little kid. I don’t want that feeling in my stomach that people are being treated badly. I don’t want the feeling that people are being exploited; people need to lead spiritual lives: all of us. I’m a person, and it’s good to have access to the infinite consciousness that is available to all people, but through the five senses is delineated: keeping us trapped on a material plane. We think reality is what we can apportion through the limited instruments of the senses but reality is of course far beyond that spiritual data. We don’t have the correct instruments to receive it and we live primarily in the realm of the senses.
Anything that we are describing through science, we are describing through the prism of the five limited senses. Our eyes can only see between infrared light and ultraviolet light there’s light bouncing around everywhere; our ears can only hear a tiny decibel range, can’t hear the noise of a dog whistle, can’t hear any high pitch frequency sounds. Isn’t it likely, then, that there are other vibrations, frequencies, energies, consciousness moving through the universe? Consciousness is an amorphous and expanding entity. I think we allow our consciousness to be prohibited by our senses, prescribed by our senses, living in the realm of these five apertures into our reality, but reality is limitless, space is infinite, time eternal. Through yoga one can temporarily break the bonds that chain us to the mundane, the mundial, that which is of the earth, and we can temporarily at least receive a taste of the infinite. I don’t want to get too cosmic about it, but we are, just sort of this temporary blob of atoms, endowed with consciousness for the merest moment, in infinite space. Meditation and yoga, these are fundamental parts of my life. I think it’s difficult these days with religion getting such a rough ride, the pope resigning, bloody terrorism, and nonsense: it’s difficult to find an access to spirituality, but we are by our nature spiritual people if we don’t have access to spirituality we suffer as individuals, society suffers. We need to recognize at some point that within ourselves there is an infinite capacity for a connection with all things. Daily access to unseen realms of power. Not just me, but everyone has that. For me, what I’ve discovered is that transcendental meditation is useful to me not because of a unique set of circumstances not because of my formerly secret brilliance; no but because I am a human being and it is applicable to all human beings and what’s good about that is that literally everyone in this room is one . (…)”

First paragraph of the exhibition text by  Russell Brand.

To see the entire text, please download the attachement below.

Practical informations
450 Harrison Avenue &/@ 29 Thayer Street
Boston, MA 02118
Tuesdays to Saturday: 11 to 6PM
Sundays in the Summer: 12 to 4PM and, of course, by appointment

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