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Casa Daros

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Casa Daros: art, education and communication

Casa Daros is an institution of Daros Latinamerica, one of the most comprehensive collections dedicated to Latin American contemporary art, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. The Daros Latinamerica Collection has about 1,200 artworks, including paintings, photographs, videos, sculptures and installations, by more than 117 artists, and is constantly expanding.

Casa Daros is a space for art, education and communication, housed in a stately 19th century building in neoclassical style, preserved as an official historical heritage site of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Designed by architect Francisco Joaquim Bethencourt da Silva (1831–1912), it stands on grounds of more than 12 thousand square meters in Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro.

The space presents exhibitions of the Daros Latinamerica Collection and is strongly focused on art and education – with a wide range of activities for the public. It also offers a schedule of seminars and meetings with artists in its auditorium, as well as a library specialized in Latin American contemporary art, a Documentation Space, a Reading Space with catalogs of the collection’s exhibitions, a restaurant / café and a shop.

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