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30.09 – 15.11 /2015
HONORÉ, Galerie RueVisconti, Paris

Curated by HONORÉ, Laure Flammarion and Pauline Lévêque
& Mathilde Ayoub, Elisa Cousseran, Gaëlle Porte, Damien Poulain

Here: a breakaway, a rebirth, a transformation, others worlds, a door, an ellipse, an eclipse, an absence, a desire, a fantasy, a game, a mystery , a memory , a trace , lives.

Bright , surprising , sweet , strange , forgotten, magical … Our disappearances are free . Sometimes they hide in the work’s history , in its matter, in its form or in its subject, in the artist’s trajectory, in its medium or its subject. They are as many stories but never an end in itself.

They are a passage between both states: geografics, sentimentals or temporals…

DISPARITIONS is an invitation to dream and interrogation.

Léna Araguas, Ivan Argote , Paul Arnaud, Pauline Bastard, Berger & Berger, Katrien De Blauwer, Elvire Bonduelle, Inès de Bordas, Louis Cane, Marina de Caro , Etienne Chambaud, Caroline Corbasson, Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques, Ariel Cusnir, Nick Devereux, Grégoire Eloy, Victor Florido, Andrés Galeano, Jorge de la Garza, Sébastien Girard, Federico Grandicelli, Jim Goldberg, Mathias Kiss, Emmanuel Le Cerf, Martin Legon, Charles Lopez, Thomas Mailaender, Audrey Martin, Theo Michael, Adrien Missika, Jacques Monory, Albert Palma, Georges Perec, Bernard Plossu, Sarker Protick, Doug Richmond, Mathilde Roussel, Roman Signer, Hanna Hanna Rose Shell, Assaf Shoshan, Alec Soth, Augustin Steyer, Clare Strand, Victoire Thierrée, Gérard Traquandi, Siegfried De Turckheim, Frédéric Uyttenhove, Richard T. Walker, Eric William Carroll Et Daisuke Yokota.

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