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“En casa” – La casa encendida, Madrid

February 7 to March 31, 2013
La Casa Encendida, Madrid

“The terrace of Hänsel and Gretel” by Federico Herrero created in collaboration with Andrés Jaque, is the first intervention of the program “La Casa”, a program of artistic experimentation, site specific, which is carried out in spaces of La Casa Encendida (Madrid). For this project each year an independent curator is invited to coordinate the program. The program lasts a year, in which 5 projects are developed and concludes with a book, containing all the program development. Luisa Fuentes Guaza is the guest curator for the 2013 version of the project.

This first edition presents the project: Talk between “La Terraza” and “Las arenas de Hänsel y Gretel”. A collaboration between Andrés Jaque/ Oficina de Innovación Politica and the Costa Rican artist Federico Herrero. This conversation, reflects on color as generator of desire and how there are different conceptions of the notion, as well as different ways of experiencing it. On one hand, Andrés Jaque / OIP, reviews the stories, particularly the story of “Hansel and Gretel” to invent a home without fears and to “clean” the concept, in order to present it as a transformation engine and as positive construction. While Federico Herrero will talk about the desire related to the contemplation, relying on experience through color as a curative strategy. Both will work on an intervention on the terrace of La Casa Encendida, stablishing a dialogue about how we can manage desire, along with several activities that complement the installation.

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