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Extinciones / Series of conferencies – Museo Jumex


Museo Jumex, Mexico city
Galeria 1

Series of conferences in the context of the Debemos Convertirnos en idealistas o morir exhibition by Gustav Metzger with Eddie Yuen, Antonio Turrent Fernández y Mark Wasiuta.

What are we going to do about extinction?
How informed extinction artistic practice?
How do we understand our responsibility regarding about extinction?
How is it possible that the extinction inspire us?
What actions of man, or have llevado- lead to extinction?
How can we promote a change of attitude?
How can we come up with creative solutions to these problems in micro and macro scale?
How to create a balance between technological progress and the need to look for the good of the planet and the survival of our species?
How can we better select energy and materials we consume?
How to improve the quality of our food and how we get equal opportunity to enjoy these foods as we face climate, demographic changes and resource scarcity?
How to work in favor of real understanding of the economic, environmental and social value of water, for example?
How can we find a more equitable distribution of these resources?
What is the scale of the problems we face today in terms of extinction?
How do scientists and cultural workers to collaborate and communicate the current urgent problem can be?
What solutions are there for a sustainable future in view of the fundamental changes that we face / face? What are the visible and invisible impacts of species loss?
What challenges have to try to control the natural world?
How can we articulate and create an action program?

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