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Festival “Il va se passer quelque chose”

March 26 – 31, 2012
Maison de l’Amérique Latine, Paris

La Maison de l’Amérique Latine is pleased to open the second edition of the festival Il va se passer quelque chose.

Although the artists of the South American scene use a vocabulary taken from the political and social field, art History and reality, is in the meeting of a practice, the statement of an identity and the economy that generate since the 60s, the geography of a unique performative scene.

The word performance, from the Latin per forma or pro forma “through the form” is understood as a manifestation in which the act and gesture have an intrinsic artistic and aesthetic value. The performance is an important alternative with regard to the contemplative attitude towards the static work of art, placing the body as a center of the action, in a territory in which the boundaries between dance, performance and live show are becoming ever more uncertain.

For this second season, Il va se passer quelque chose presents specific proposals and videos of 9 artists who work around a common subject, body and topography, evoking the work of the cuban artist Felix Gonzalez Torres.

González Torres has made of his work, his body and his position as an artist, the expression of truth of his own life within society. This second edition puts into perspective the current and historical approaches of the performative body through a live scene that expresses a rejection of the pose. The artists proposals explore the physiological and spatial presence of the body. The relation to physical space, community, time, transformation, lack, memory or effort, the body as a tool and Gender in the performance, are the elements explored in this year’s festival.

Monday, March 26:
– Karin Elmore (7:00 p.m)
Tuesday, March 27:
– Rafael Lain & Angelica Detanico (7:00 p.m)
– Antonio Contador (7:45 p.m)
Thursday, March 29:
– Antonio Contador (7:00 p.m)
– Maria Thereza Alves (7:30 p.m)
– Marina de Caro (8:00 p.m)
Saturday, March 31
– Talk (2:30 p.m)
– Afternoon screening (3:30 p.m)

Practical Info
Maison de l’Amérique Latine
217 Bd. Saint Germain, 75007, Paris
Free admission

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