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John Angel Rodriguez

Born in 1975
Live and work in Bogota, Colombia

“I am an artist-curator with emphasis in new media. My experience as researcher and curator of audiovisual has focused on artworks related to the environment of post-digital technologies; I have based my investigation in expanded forms of engaging the gallery content towards the audience.

For instance my curatorship practice has been focused mainly on Audio-Visual methods. Using Photography, Video, and Installation to try to discover a personal interest in how the concept of the Human Body has been exploited in various ways through Arts, Science and Technology. I produced a body of work that when showcased made me realize the existing separation between the audiences and my work. However, I found a similar situation occurring in other artist-show-audience situations. The separation seemed to persist even though the presence of interactive tools was a common denominator in these shows.”

2015 – Non-Organic Life – PERMANENTE, Bogota, Colombia
2015 – Transparency, Fluidity and Mediation – Sala ASAB, Bogota, Colombia
2014 – Travel to the Unknown, Zuzanna Janin – Sala ASAB, Bogota, Colombia
2013 – Bogota City on the Edge – Laznia 1, Gdansk, Poland
2013 – Mediators – The Wayward Gallery, London, UK
2011 – Art Accelerating Art, interactive and participatory Guided tour – The Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
2011 – Parallel Connections – Wayward Gallery, London, UK
2009 – EQUILIBRIO – Bernie Spain Gardens, OXO Tower Wharf-South Bank, London, UK
2006 – DIGITAL/ANALOGUE – Exhibitions Hall ASAB, Bogota, Colombia
2005 – META/HUMANOS – Galería Espacio Alterno de Uniandinos, Bogota, Colombia

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