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LA VACHE ET L’ORCHIDÉE / Fotografía vernacular colombiana

From 3 of July to 24 September 2017 at “Arles 2017 les rencontres de la photographie”

“I have been collecting photographs of Colombia for over ten years. Sometimes I find one or two, other times they come to me. Their variety in terms of subjects, regions and epochs was a real revelation for me. These images helped me to understand a little better this incredible country, although this understanding steel minimal. Colombia, like photography, is never what it claims to be. Comedy is omnipresent and sometimes tinged with tragedy. By intermingling and superimposing various elements of vernacular imagery, La Vache et orchidée forms a collage that results from the diversity of landscapes: from the Caribbean and Pacific coasts to the fertile plains through the Andes; from the Amazon jungle to unknown and sprawling cities. The exhibition is organized around two national symbols: the cow and the orchid.” Timothy Prus

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