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Founded in 2015 in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Directed by Leontina Etchelecu

Leku, as its Basque name implies, means place.

We wanted to give photography the place it deserved within the paradigms in which works of art are judged.

Leku is a work space and is a starting point for experimentation and reflection on the role of photography in contemporary art. A place run by a team of art historians where artists and collectors feel supported by our dissemination and orientation.

Photography has been from its origins, an instrument to attempt to appropriate fleeting moments, situations that continuously remains in the past, to preserve and build memory and to give a testimony “as real as possible” of the here and now of history.
Each artist owns a unique and unrepeatable aesthetic.

We work with creative people, true builders of viewing points who question thinking common spaces as materials and techniques; eclectic artists, owners of a definite and distinct personality who are constantly moving, agile, restless and curious. Artists who reach, with “a piece of reality”, to create an absolutely distinctive vision and let the other build its own story from the work.

Arturo Aguiar, Rita Simoni, Néstor Crovetto, Marcela Magno, Gabriel Rud, Gustavo Silveti, Andrés Wertheim

27.08 – 20.10 / 2015 – Exposición colectiva: Herejes – Aguiar – Ballester – Crovetto – Magno – Ortiz Mugica – Pastorino Diaz – Szankay – Silveti – Rud – Wertheim
31.07 – 20.09 / 2015 – Exposición individual: La extraña belleza – Arturo Aguiar, Museo Franklin Rawson, San Juan, Argentina
30.04 – 03.08 / 2015 – Exposición individual: Los espíritus del museo – Andrés Wertheim, Museo Castagnino, Rosario, Argentina
01.08 – 30.08 / 2015 – Dali International Photography exhibition 5th edition – Marcela Magno, Dali city, China
16.10 – 21.10 / 2014 – Festival Internacional de Fotografía Photovisa – Andres Wertheim et al., Kovalenko Museum of Fine Arts, Krasnodar, Russia

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