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Maya Watanabe – El pendulo

28.03 – 18. 05 / 2014
matadero, Madrid

In El Péndulo (The Pendulum), a video-installation of three screens, the artist Maya Watanabe takes the sacred texts of the three monotheistic religions as a point of departure to question how we create our own narrative: Is our narrative how we create our identity? How can we understand ourselves as unique beings as well as a collective, through narrative?
Narrative, identity and space form our being as a whole but what happens if these guiding principles are broken. We are facing a period in which narratives of identity and its relationship with space/context is subverted and reformed without these principles: narrative as a fragmented map of ideas, space as a context free of spatial reference points and identity as flux.
This exhibition is part of Apoyo Matadero Madrid through which we expose the work of young artists based in Madrid that are given the opportunity to produce their own work for Matadero. In this case it is the Peruvian Artist, Maya Watanabe.

Practical informations
Plaza de Legazpi, 8. 28045 Madrid
Monday to Friday: from 10am to 10pm.
Saturday and Sunday: from 11am a to 10pm

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