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Monica Bengoa

Born in 1969 in Santiago, Chile

Lives and works in Santiago, Chile

Installation, photography, textile
My artistic production has revolved around the question of the meaning of the photographic image; the permanence of the photography-like structure that always underlies the transformed image. These construction strategies include operations of transference of photographic images towards other materialities, including procedures related to displacements of drawing, painting and engraving. My investigation around photography has been based on a system of technical and material restrictions, where the optical exercise is transformed into the axis that articulates and regulates the coherence of the final project. It is in this sense that I have established a system of restrictions for the use of color, in which the limited palettes of dyed thistles, color pencils or embroidery threads, allow me to use this procedure as an orthopedic system for the construction of images.


2015 – Exercices de Style / Exercises in Style. Frost Art Museum, Miami, FL., USA.
2012 – Einige Beobachtungen über Insekten und Wildblumen o Algunas consideraciones acerca de los insectos y las flores silvestres”. MAVI Museo de Artes Visuales, Santiago, Chile.

2014 – Thread Lines. The Drawing Center, New York, NY, USA.
2014 – Arte en Chile, tres miradas. Colección permanente MNBA. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago, Chile.
2012 – The Storytellers. Stenersen Museum, Oslo, Norway.
2010 – Chili, l’envers du décor. L’Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton, Paris, France.
2008 – Lo Spazio dell’Uomo. Fondazione Merz, Torino, Italia.
2007 – Poetics of the handmade. MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA., USA.
2007 – 52 Esposizione Internationale D’Arte la Biennale di Venecia, Palazzo Zenobio, Venezia, Italia.

Process Exercices in style

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