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Pia Camil – Cuadrado negro

02.05 – 02.06 / 2013
ARTIUM, Centro Museo Vasco de Arte Contemporáneo ·

Curator : Luisa Fuentes Guaza

Pia Camil’s intervention on Artium public space is characterized by the creation of a large cube crossed by stairs which interfere, modify and fragment the perception of the building architectural landscape and environment of the Museum.
The piece is constructed of common materials  in architecture and construction.

Pia Camil is a visual artist who takes drawing as a point of departure for her installation work. Through her installations Camil explores basic approaches to architecture with the purpose of destabilizing the dialectic relations within the private and public, formal and functional, vernacular and artistic.In some instances those installations are perceived as changeable objects; experimental studies that often establish new and unexpected spatial perceptions.

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