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Artesur at Prospectif Cinéma, Centre Pompidou

Thursday, October 31, 8pm
Cinéma 1, Centre Pompidou, Paris

In the presence of Marcos Ávila, Pauline Bastard,
Adrián Melis, Virginie Yassef & Julien Prévieux.

The “Prospectif Cinema” cycle highlights the cinematographic production of a young generation of French and international artists. It is a unique opportunity to follow new events and developments in contemporary art and to analyze the issues it deals with. The film projection is accompanied by the artist’s presence and talks with the audience. As a multidisciplinary program, “Prospectif Cinema” opens borders between different artistic genres so that the cinema can be transformed into a concert hall, or a stage for performance.

This session of Prospective Cinema programmed by Albertine de Galbert is an opportunity to confront the work of French and Latin American artists around a reflection on raw material. Forty years after the arte povera, these contemporary artists continue to defy their environment (domestic, urban, natural) using “poor” materials. This discreet activism, rendered in most films with very limited means, literally thickens the images, materializes them.

With Marcela Armas (Mexico), Marcela Astorga (Argentina),
Marcos Ávila (Colombia), Alberto Baraya (Colombia), Pauline Bastard (France),
Eugenia Calvo (Argentina), Oscar Figueroa (Costa Rica), Adrián Melis (Cuba),
Lucien Pelen (France), Matheus Rocha Pitta (Brazil), Virginie Yassef & Julien Prévieux (France).

Prospectif cinéma :
Curating: Christine Macel, Emma Lavigne. Coordination: Pamela Sticht.
The Contemporary and Future-oriented Creation Department of the Musée national d’art moderne.
For more information on the program:

Fare: 6 Euros, reduced fare: 4 Euros. Free entry to the cinema for Laissez Passer subject to availability of seats reserved for members.
Members must claim their free ticket one hour before the start of the screening.



Practical information
Centre Pompidou – Place Georges-Pompidou – Paris 4e
Cinéma 1, Centre Pompidou, Paris
Thursday, October 31rst – 8pm

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