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Rodrigo Cass – Espaço Liberto

17.10 – 15.12/2015
MdM Gallery, Paris

In partnership with the Fortes Vilaça gallery, MdM Gallery presents Espaço Liberto, Rodrigo Cass’s first solo exibition in France, from October 17th until December 18th. The exhibitions includes videos, paintings, and new sculptures. For its participation to the 2015 OFFICIELLE, Mdm Gallery will show another selection of works by Rodrigo Cass, one of the 14 young representatives of the Brasilian emerging art scene.

The exhibition title refers to Lygia Clark’s work. This Brasilian neoconcretist artist was interested in the « organic line », the frontier between the artwork’s frame and what lies beyond, which she calls « espaço liberto » or « freed space ». In the visual metaphors of his videos, sculptures and drawings, Cass highlights the materiality of elements – through the intensity of colors, the  texture of objects and the brutality of actions – in order to reach for a poetic, political and spiritual meaning, beyond what is obvious and visible in the work.

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