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The Darkness of the Light – Suwon Lee

Galería Fernando Pradilla, Madrid
06.06 – 13.07 / 2013

As part of the international festival of photography and visual arts, PhotoEspaña 2013, Galería Fernando Pradilla presents the first solo exhibition in Spain of the Venezuelan artist Suwon Lee. Titled “The darkness of light” nine photographs and a light box of the  recent production of this young artist are presented.

In her latest work, Suwon Lee (1977) looks at the stars and luminous phenomena in the boreal sky. She is interested in the relation between mankind and the universe, the mysterious and profound emotional responses such relation produces, and the awareness of how small and transient human issues become compared to the eternity of the universe. She uses long exposure times to create color images of phenomena that are otherwise invisible to the human eye.

Practical informations
Galería Fernando Pradilla
Claudio Coello, 20. 28001 Madrid
Monday / Saturday : 10.30am – 8.30pm

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