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Víctor Hugo Portillo

Born in San Rafael Cedros, El Salvador. 1978
Lives and works in Viena, Austria

Víctor Hugo Portillo is a Salvadorian artist living in the diaspora, because of this circumstance, his work generally influenced by the experience between two worlds. Being born in a tropical country and living  in a developed country had an impact on trying to be white with blue eyes, a work where he uses sarcasm and parody to immerse himself in a kind of humor and show of political and social reality. Similarly, the project “Robocop” follows the current line of Salvadoran artistic practice, addressing social issues to elaborate speeches and seek dialogue not only at an artistic level, but also as a critique of the status quo. Being a multidisciplinary artist, he also shows us in his pictorial work an ability to handle shades, overexposed lights and blur effects, putting emphasis not only on the technical question, but also making a trip to the depth of the thoughts.

MEDIA: Fotography, video, painting

2015 “Ser y no ser nada y ser sin rumbo cierto“, La Fábrica, El Salvador
2015 “Relocating SAL“, HilgerBrot Kunsthalle, Viena, Austria
2014 “Semaine de L´Amérique Latine”, Maison de L´Amerique Latine, Francia
2014 “Artistes d´ El Salvador“, Espacio Jour et Nuit, Paris, Francia
2014 “SUMARTE 2014“, Museo de Arte de El Salvador (MARTE)
2013 “Dos Fotógrafos“, Museo Tecleño MUTE, El Salvador
2009 “United Cultures“, Vienna Travel Gallery, Viena , Austria

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