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Casa do Povo

Founded in 1953 in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Director : Marina Sendacz

The Instituto Cultural Israelita Brasileiro, (Israeli Brazilian Cultural Institute), known as Casa do Povo (People’s House), is born as a ” living monument “. Founded by Eastern European Jews, in memory of those who died in the Nazi camps, the cultural center was created with the purpose of preserving humanistic ideals, to promote their cultural heritage and to facilitate ways for the culture still to come in an active and dynamic way.

Through initiatives related to the contemporary context, renews itself as a cultural space that encourages experimentations with new practices and ways of thinking, which aims to complement the role played by institutions already established in the city of São Paulo.

Last Events
29.03 – 30.03 2014 – Longitude: A Formação do Artista Contemporâneo no Brasil (Longitude: the contemporary artist education in Brazil), a seminar conceived by Mariana Fernandes and produced by Anamauê.
January / December 2014 –  “Nossa Voz” (Our Voice), curated by Mariana Lorenzi and Benjamin Seroussi, produced by Anamauê.
12.10 – 01.12 / 2013 –  “Nós Brasil! We Brazil”, curated by Matthias Bottger and Renato Cymballista, a project part of the X São Paulo Architecture Biennial.
27.07 – 28.07 / 2013 –  “Tijuana Art Book Fair – 5º Edition”, co-organized by Galeria Vermelho, Casa do Povo, Oficina Cultural Oswald de  Andrade and Anamauê.
April / June 2013 – ” Critical Laboratory Cultural” ( Cultural Critique Laboratory ) organized by Milena Edelstein and Fabio Zuker .
07.06 – 3006 /2013 –  “Oasis”, exhibition organized by Hércules Martins.
January / December 2013 – “Typing Machine”, art criticism residency program, organized by Capacete Entretenimentos.
January / October 2013 – Lote#2, dance residency program organized by dancer and choreographer Cristian Duarte.
16.06 / 2012 – 31.03 / 2013 – “Bom Retiro 958 metros” (Bom Retiro 958 meters), a play presented by Teatro da Vertigem

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