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Casa Tres Patios

Founded in 2006 in Medellin , Colombia
Director: Tony Evanko

Casa Tres Patios(C3P) is a non-profit artist-run organization based in Medellin, Colombia, which acts as a platform for contemporary artistic practices and promotes cultural and inter-disciplinary exchange.
Experimentation and critical thinking are at the core of our project. They are the basis for our research, educational and practical programs, which include the artist residency program, exhibitions, lectures, workshops, seminars and cultural exchanges. Via these activities we strive to build autonomous spaces for research, education and practice. These activities focus on contemporary art, as a means for responding to needs arising from the local and global communities.

02/09 of 2011 to 15/09 of 2011 – Signs and Signals from the Periphery: Ho Chi Minh City / Medellín – Dinh Q. Lê, with Camila Botero, Daniel Escobar y Valentina Canseco; curated by Zoe Butt
07.04.10 / 23.04.10 – Little Figures on the Floor – Camilo Restrepo
03.03.09 / 04/04.09 – Entropies – Dora Mejía
07.11.08 / 25/11.08 – Attached – Fredy Alzate, with: Icaro Zorbar
15.04.08 / 13.05.08 – Aproaching to War Metaphors, a piece by María Teresa Cano – Adriana Pineda, Natalia Castañeda, Grupo en Blanco [Beatriz Gutiérrez y Daniel González] y Sara Samper; curated by Carlos Uribe
27.09.07 / 20.10.07 – Love is in the Air – Pedro Ruiz, with the collaboration of: Juliana Cardona, Alejandra Estrada, Catalina Gomez, Sandra Munera, Armando Olaya and Julian Urrego
20.04.06 / 15.21.06 – Thirteen What do you Think – Collective

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