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Concepción 41

Director: Maria Rondeau

Concepción 41 is a critical space, open to creative and experimental artistic practices and the development of cultural knowledge focused on interdisciplinary and intercultural collaborations based on dialogue and production.  The goal of C41 is to promote the considered interaction between various disciplines – visual arts, architecture, video, music, literature, poetry, dance – by inviting resident artists interested in contributing to the development of this collaborative dynamic.  Located in La Antigua, Guatemala, Concepcion 41 is sited in what was formerly the convent of La Concepcion, built in the 17th century, and destroyed by the earthquake of 1773.

2015 – IN RESIDENCE:  FELIPE MUJICA Y JOHANA UNZUETA  2014 – February 2015 – IN RESIDENCE: YUCEF MERHI, first solo artist resident at C41 – PERFECT LANGUAGE: MAYA, site-specific work
2014 – EL RAYO QUE CAYO DOS VECES EN EL MISMO SITIO – curated by Jose Luis Blondet – Liz Glynn, Oscar Santillan, Liliana Porter, Jessica Kaire, Armadillo, Natasha Tiniacos
2013 – …ESTAR PARADOS EN EL ENCUENTRO DE DOS ETERNIDADES, EL PASADO Y FUTURO, QUE ES PRECISAMENTE EL MOMENTO PRESENTE -curated by Emiliano Valdes – Stefan Benchoam, Maria Fernanda Carlos, Alfredo Ceibal, Federico Herrero, David Marín ,Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa ,Lourdes de la Riva ,Diana de Solares, Daniel Steegmann Mangrane, Vivian Sutter, Pablo Swezey
2013 – INMONUMENTAL – curated by Rosina Cazali -Regina Jose Galindo, Alejandro Paz, David Karmadavis, Gabriel Rodriguez, Rosa Chavez, Beto Colia

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