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Founded in 2002, Brumadinho, Brasil
Initiated by Bernardo de Mello Paz.

Instituto Inhotim is home to a museological complex featuring a series of pavilions and galleries with works of art and sculptures on display in the open air. Since the outset, Inhotim’s rise on the scene of the Brazilian cultural institutions has been marked by the mission to create an artistic collection and to define new museological strategies that provide the community with access to cultural assets.
In this sense, it seeks to bring the public into contact with a relevant set of artworks, produced by artists from different parts of the world, providing an up-to-date reflection on the questions of contemporaneity.

Inhotim is the only Brazilian Institute institution with a world-class collection of contemporary art continuously on display.
Thanks to a series of specific contexts, Inhotim offers a new model far removed from that of the urban museums. The Inhotim experience mainly involves a spatial relationship between art and nature that allows the artists to create and show their works in unique conditions. The spectator is invited to stroll through gardens, forest landscapes and rural settings, roaming among lakes, trails, mountains and valleys, actively experiencing the space.

New projects are rolled out periodically, including site-specific artworks as well as monographic and thematic selections from the collection, making Inhotim a place in continuous transformation.

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