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Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Panama

Founded in 1983 in Panama City, Panama.
Director: Lizi Rodríguez

The Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC) is the only Museum of Contemporary Art that exists in Panama. It is a non-governmental organization (NGO) as well as a non profit organization that exists on the personal contributions.

Our mission is to be the spearhead of the visual arts in the acquisition, conservation, investigation and disclosure of the arts of the Latin-American continent, with emphasis on the nation of Panama. We are also focused on recovering our artistic patrimony and promoting it through the spiritual and sensory experience gained from the personal contact with the Art one encounters in the Museum. Finally we would like to achieve a sensitizing of people of all ages, with emphasis on the children, through an informal education in Art.

14/03/2013 – 5/05/2013 – Dos Hemisferos de Federico Uribe
until 21/03/2013 –  Muestra de los cinco artistas ganadores del Concurso RADAR 2011 – John Thompson Moore, Jong Hwa (Duly) Lee, Cristo Allende, Maristella González y Gustavo Esquina De la Espada presentan su obra reciente.

Past exhibitions
2012 – Braulio Matos El Jardín de las Maravillas
2012 – Estampas, Independencia y Revolución
14/10/2011 – 30/12/2011 –  Evolución.
20/09/2011- 13/11/2011 – Fotoseptiembre
30/06/2011 – 4/09/2011 – Raúl Vásquez Sáez: el instinto del chamán.
19/04/2011 – 22/06/2011 – Naturaleza casi viva, casi muerta.
19/01/2011 – 27/03/2011 –  00-10: CUENTA PROGRESIVA.  Arte de la primera década del siglo XXI en Panamá.
29/07/2010 – 29/08/2010 – Entre signos, símbolos y señales.
20/06/2010 – 15/08/2010 – Grabados: el arte de la impresión.

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