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Founded in 2011 in Bogotá, Colombia
Director: Claudia Hakim

NC-arte is a cultural and educational program of Fundación Neme. Its fundamental purpose is to contribute to the development of visual arts in Colombia and Latin America. Its mission is to promote, investigate and contextualize artistic practices through exhibits and multidisciplinary projects that foster and invite reflection.

NC-arte is a space that seeks to stimulate the expression of diverse viewpoints, establishing dynamic communication between the public and the work of art.

08.04-21.05/2011  – Espina dorsal – Juan Fernando Herrán
20.10-17.12/2011 – Optimismo Radical – Marco Maggi
10.05-30.06/2012  – Grises – Magdalena Fernández
30.08-06.10/2012 – El país de los demás- Fernando Arias
20.10-15.12/2012  – Exposición Panamericana – Gabriel de la Mora
30.01-02.03/2013 – Esculturas y grabados – Fred Sandback
04.05-15.06/2013  – Architecture of density – Michael Wolf (exhibition that was part of the photografy biennale FOTOGRÁFICA BOGOTÁ 2013)
25.10-14.12/2013 – Diagrama – Marcius Galan

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