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Paço das Artes

Founded in 1970
Directed by Priscila Arantes

Located in a building of modernist architecture in the campus of São Paulo University, Paço das Artes – an institution linked to the Secretary of Culture of São Paulo – was created in March 1970.

The gallery aims to organize and maintain contemporary art exhibitions, courses, lectures, workshops, conferences, hearings and artistic exchanges. Other missions of the organization are to encourage the production of works, train new practioners – mainly young critics, curators and artists – disseminate national and international contemporary art, in addition to promoting subjects related to the area.

Following the path traced since the 1980s, the actions of Paço das Artes cover all the segments of the visual arts and multimedia. Thus its multidisciplinary program encompasses exhibitions, videos, lectures, symposia, concerts, parties, dance shows, music events, festivals and multimedia workshops for children and adults. Different activities occupy the exhibition area, the square area – created two years ago, the lecture and video rooms. The events are ocassionally expanded to the basement, the garden and the outside area of Paço das Artes.

The experimental calling of the institution is attested, in particular, by the program Temporada de Projetos (Seasons of Projects), which for almost 20 years has enabled the emergence of approximately 225 artists and 60 curators and critics. Annually, one curatorial Project and nine artistic ones are developed and produced with the support of Paço das Artes. The selected ones receive critical feedback, the publication of a catalog and an exhibition fee. Since its conception in 1997 (when it was still biennial), the program has received more than 5,000 portfolios and held more than 260 exhibitions.

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