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Founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Directed by Adriana Rosenberg
When Fundación Proa was set up, we settled in La Boca. We appreciated the neighborhood’s uniqueness, where dreams and utopias from the 21st century historic avant-garde movements are perceived: murals, living in art and participatory art. From street performances, where the street itself is scenery and auditorium, La Boca and Caminito have become like a living picture, where all its inhabitants turn into actors or artists who paint their houses with the freedom of color. The neighborhood belongs to its inhabitants; artists recognize its symbolic value and, through the years, many of them have decided to settle down there.

The new building is inaugurated with Duchamp’s exhibition and the auditorium with the International Colloquium about the artist; the Library features works promoting young talents and the terrace offers a new view of the city.

This undertaking is possible thanks to the sound commitment of our permanent sponsors, Tenaris, Ternium and Techint, whose contributions reflect their support for the future cultural development of our country, and quoting Paolo Rocca, ‘it maintains the essence of the old building projecting it from La Boca towards the future and the world’.

Our most sincere thanks to our sponsors, artists, the entire foundation’s team, everybody who has helped throughout the years and, most of all, to visitors.

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