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Arte al Límite

Magazine and Newspaper
Founded in 2002 in Santiago, Chile
Director: Ana María Matthei

Arte Al Límite is a contemporary visual art publishing project consisting of a magazine, a free newspaper and a website.
In 2002, the first of our products was launched, Arte Al Límite magazine. The publication, edited in Chile, is distributed nationally and internationally, and it includes interviews and articles about leading artists, presented with a cutting edge design. Its contents are developed by journalists, renowned art critics and specialized writers, addressing works and relevant trends in the current scene.

The newspaper was born in 2005. It is distributed all along Chile for free, and it includes articles, interviews and a complete revision of what is going on with visual art in Chile and the rest of the world.

Finally, the website also develops news on arts worldwide, but above all, it is an excellent platform for artists to disseminate their work and get in contact with people interested in what they do.

As a publishing project, Arte Al Límite annually participates in about 15 international art fairs, visiting countries such as Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, United States, Spain and Switzerland. Also, there are representatives in Buenos Aires, Lima, Mexico, Miami, Nueva York and Madrid, among others.

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