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People are running out to the street: José García Torres interviewed by Simon Fujiwara

This conversation was realized by Skype on November 23, 2015. At 14:41 local time an earthquake rattled Mexico City. It had a magnitude of 5.5 and its epicenter was in the sparsely populated mountains north-east of Acapulco, about 260 km south of Mexico City


« You just opened a new space and changed the identity of the gallery now to joségarcía ,mx. It seems that you are always rethinking the gallery and its format.

I constantly try to question how the gallery works. As you know, I founded Proyectos Monclova 10 years ago, and seven years later I incorporated two financial partners. Unfortunately, it was too late when we realized we had very different visions. It became too difficult to keep the integrity of the program and fulfill some of their financial expectations, so the best thing for me was to sell my part of the company, which included the name of the gallery, and move on. I’m still working with most of the artists that I was working with before, and I feel liberated and happy, even if I’m nostalgic about the name. I managed to maintain the essence of the project. I kept the artists, the friends, and the program. I am also opening a second space in Mérida, a gallery with walls but no ceiling. »

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