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Casa Tomada

Created in 2009
Directed and curated by Tainá Azeredo and Gabriel Bogossian

Created in October 2009, Casa Tomada is an independent spaced dedicated to practice, investigation and reflections of artistic nature. The project emerged from the desire to build a space that was a convergence point among the various fields in arts, discussing the hybridism of languages in the contemporary artistic processes.
Focused in all the process of production and not just the final artistic product, Casa Tomada encourages the debate of young contemporary art, not only stimulating the development of artistic and theoretical work motivated by the shared experience, but acting as a catalyst space of experiences of connection among artists, art thinkers and other independent initiatives.

Casa Tomada hosts the following artistic projects: Open Studio, The House Hosts, Portfolio’s Cycle, Collective Interchange and Collection of Publications.

Casa Tomada houses an art library, mostly compounded of donations of catalogues, DVDs and books from various institutions, where the ones engaged in Casa Tomada’s projects can unearth references. Therefore, this is a space dedicated to research and study. This space also holds a collection of documents from projects developed within Casa Tomada, such as artist’s notebooks, small publications and the records that register the development of each project. Non-participants – the ones that are not currently engaged in Casa Tomada’s projects – can also have access, by appointment, to both the library and the collection.
Throughout the year, Casa Tomada also offers workshop and courses given by renowned art professionals from various areas such as cinema, performance, music, drawing, and more. In addition, Casa Tomada promotes dialogue and interchange between independent art centers and hosts talks and exhibitions.

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