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Centro Rural de Arte

Founded in 2008 in Argentina, Nomade
Coordinated by Pablo Ramos, María José Trucco, Luciano Bianchi, Elina Rodríguez.

CENTRO RURAL DE ARTE creates interdisciplinary operative platforms, where people with various knowledge interact. Residencies, workshops, talks, different ways of creation and research. Some activities are nomadic and we have alliances with places that host these experiences temporarily.
We generate displacements between people, knowledge and actions. We design projects that take the plunge in creating possible articulations between issues that are not related to each other. Watching the multiple usages of specific knowledge can be really exciting. We work on contents that cross different lands, generate unprecedented practices and celebrate the relation between different information.
We do trust in rural areas. We orient our energy towards the place where raw materials are produced, we match our bodies to cyclic time, we try social forms and relations with nature. CENTRO RURAL DE ARTRE looks forward to overflowing itself with each alliance. An exchange that stimulates desires.

Since 2013, CENTRO RURAL DE ARTE makes some activities in the village of Cazón and builds an space there. Cazón is 12 km from Saladillo, at the confluence of routes 205, 51 and 63, in the province of Buenos Aires.

Cazón has around three hundred inhabitants, thousand of trees, a primary school, an agro technical secondary school, a milking yard, a huge municipal plant nursery, around other ten private plant nurseries, two grocery stores, a butchers shop, a club, a football pitch, a campsite, two parks, four abandoned charcoal ovens, houses with greenhouses, trail station in use, pave roads, dirt roads, and roads that end where field starts.


20.4. / 29. 4. / 2014 – temporada 2 mínimo : programa de residencia , Cazón, Saladillo
21.3. / 30.3. / 2014 – temporada 1 mínimo : programa de residencia , Cazón, Saladillo
08.10. / 21.08 / 2012 – Interacciones Urbano_Rural – Instancias de residencias en cuatro zonas de Sudamérica. Etapa en Argentina, Centro Rural de Arte, Achupallas
14.04 / 11.05 / 2011 – Interacciones Forestales En Red – Instancias de residencias en tres zonas de Sudamérica. Etapa en Argentina, Centro Rural de Arte, Isla Victoria
05.03 / 21.03 / 2011 – Nativo Y Foráneo – una residencia, un festival, un encuentro de gestión y una película. Parque Nacional Los Alerces, Chubut, Patagonia, Argentina
14. 09 / 26.09 / 2009 – Estación Forestal – Residencia internacional de creación para artistas. Ciudad de 25 de Mayo, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
24.01 / 30.01 / 2009 – Movimiento En Las Sierras – Residencia de capacitación en improvisación escénica. Cerro Tres Picos, Tornquist, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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