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Darling Foundry l Residency of Latin America

Founded in 2008, in Montréal

Since 2008, the Conseil des Arts de Montréal offers the Residency of the Americas at the Darling Foundry, a residency program that has achieved great success, manifested by the growing interest of artists from numerous countries. Due to the determination and strategies developed to reach different communities, Montreal now hosts artists and curators whose practices are marked by strong cultural, political, economical and ideological concerns.

In 2016, the Darling Foundry has decided to devote this program solely to Latin America applicants, given that it is extremely difficult to evaluate and chose between artistic practices from the North, Central and South American continent.

The Residency of the Americas fosters a dynamic artistic contact with Latin America. Offering a wide cultural diversity combines two types of residents: artists and art critics/curators. With an outstanding architectural design, the Darling

Foundry, located in an old industrial neighborhood of Montreal, offers various opportunities for research, creation, production, and exhibition. Its multifaceted spaces include room for private studios, residencies, workshops, art galleries, a restaurant and offices over a 3500 m2 surface.

2017 – Iosu Aramburu Mantovani (Peru), Violeta Solis Horcasitas (Mexico)
2016 – Marina Reyes Franco (Puerto Rico)
2016 – Natalia Lassalle-Morillo (Puerto Rico)
2015 – Ernesto Bautista (Salvador), Katie Bethune-Leamen (Canada), Astria Suparak (United States)
2014 – Javier González Pesce (Chile), Barbara Perea (Mexico)
2013 – Levi Orta (Cuba), Pamela Desjardins (Argentina),
2012 – Paul de Guzman (Canada), Nicholas Brown (Canada)
2011 – Ricardo Cuevas (Mexico)
2010 – Dean Daderko (United States), Justin Long (United States)
2009 – Carlos Contente (Brazil), Susana Pilar Delahante Matienzo (Cuba), Alissa Firth-Eagland (Canada)

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